141 Van Zile Road, Brick, NJ 08724


First Class Dance Academy lives up to their name as the top class of dance studios in this area! The owner, Maria & her experienced and dedicated staff work with your child to give them the tools and training they need to dance at their best potential! My daughter came to FCDA in 2015 looking for more of a challenge and has blossomed on the studios competitive team winning multiple national and world titles while also learning the importance of hard work and determination! The friends & memories she’s made as well as the lessons she’s learned while dancing at FCDA will last a lifetime! I am so thankful we found this studio & consider it a home away from home! Thank you First Class Dance Academy!

– Felice LaManna

First Class Dance Academy has been a fundamental part of my daughters’ lives for many years. Shaping them into strong, disciplined and confident young women. Aside from being taught technique, choreography, structure and what it means to be part of a team; the dancers are also a FAMILY!! The FCDA family is supportive, uplifting and encouraging. Under the direction of Miss Maria, these dancers are taught personal accountability and being a responsible member of the dance community. Miss Lex and Miss Athena are true examples of hard work, determination and drive. They encourage dancers to push beyond what they think they are capable of and achieve results they never thought they could.

FCDA’s teachers are recipients of years of dancing under Miss Maria’s direction and are now paying it forward to each and every student!! From the very young to the seasoned young adults each dancer is given the attention, direction and structure needed to perform at their peak level.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the current situation we are facing with the pandemic. I am in awe of the time and dedication Miss Maria, Miss Lex and Miss Athena (along with the dance faculty) are giving to the dancers impacted by this. The heart and sole of a dancer is continuously nurtured and cared for with confidence, kindness and an unspoken strength that is the biggest gift being given to these kids. This is the HEART of FCDA, the tender care of the dancers, the lessons taught on the dance floor, but most importantly, the quiet lesson of never quit, we are a FAMILY, and WE GOT THIS!!

I am honored, proud and blessed to be a LIFE TIME member of FCDA!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!

– Trish Totaro

Joining First Class Dance Academy is by far the best decision we have ever made!!  It’s truly as simple as that.  In the beginning, we were just looking for an after-school activity that would be fun. Fast forward several years to two daughters that want to spend every waking moment at the studio.  First Class is their FAMILY!  It’s their HOME!  It is the place they can go and be themselves.  Maria and Lex have built an incredible school.  It is one that I am honored to be a part of.

I am proud to say that my daughters are Strong, Confident, Capable, Young Ladies.  I owe this to the incredible program at First Class!!!  This faculty teaches students to dream big and to work hard.  From the tiny pre-school peanuts all the way to the graduating seniors, dancers are shown that no goal is unattainable.  Hard work really does pay off!  I believe there are many studios that are happy to just show their dancers how to dance.  Maria helps her dancers figure out why they dance!  She creates a passion in your children that cannot be extinguished.  Whether your child chooses to be a part of the competition team or to take recreational classes, the foundation is there.

I am so thankful to be a part of the Royal Blue Crew!  We are One Team, One Heart, and One Family!  I am excited to watch what is in store for this mighty and incredible dance studio!!!

I promise you First Class will teach your child to move mountains!!!

– Jill MIller

When I was 13, I decided to join FCDA. My goal after changing studios, was to be pushed to my fullest potential and train to the best of my ability. First Class Dance Academy never failed to meet those expectations. I was so lucky to find much more than that. Ms. Maria and the entire staff at FCDA are not only knowledgeable dance teachers, but truly wonderful people. Ms. Maria has always believed, challenged, and told me to dream big. All things are possible. As a graduating senior of 2020, I cannot thank FCDA enough for all the training, encouragement, friendships, and opportunities that will stay with me forever. The bonds that were made inside and outside of the studio, will last a lifetime!

– Megan Herbst